Subject: Principles of research in Architecture (17 - A901)

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Scientific or art field:Architectural-Urbanistic Planning, Design and Theory
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Course is active from 03.12.2018..

The main goal is to introduce students to wide range of contemporary approaches in theories and practices in architecture. Secondary goal is establishing of ability to identify, explore, select and apply specific principles and methodologies in personal scientific and creative research.
Ability to independently create, build and manage processes in scientific and creative research in architecture.
Types of architectural research. Scientific research in architecture. Creative research in architecture. Classical and specific methods and procedures. Critical analysis of referent examples from theory of architecture and architectural practices. Media of research. Connection and overlapping of different media. Multimedia research in architecture. Processes and procedures of research. Structure of research.
Lectures & workshops.
Groat, Linda N.Architectural Research Methods2013Wiley, LondonEnglish
Lucas, RaymondResearch Methods for Architecture2016Ray LucasSerbian language
Marsch, Patrick; Bulakci, Omer5G System Design: Architectural and Functional Considerations and Long Term Research2018Wiley, LondonSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Term paperYesYes70.00
Oral part of the examNoYes30.00
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Dinulović Radivoje
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Atanacković-Jeličić Jelena
Full Professor

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Krklješ Milena
Full Professor

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Maraš Igor
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