Subject: System software (17 - SIT011)

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Scientific or art field:Applied Computer Science and Informatics
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System software installation and configurationYesYes
Present the students with a software classification containing a separate category of systems software, limiting the scope of the material to general purpose computer systems executing the customary modern multiprocess and multiuser operating sysems. The students should learn the terms of art in the organization of contemporary microprocessor-based computer systems, the ways in which the organization influences the design and implementation of systems software, while also becoming familiar with the collaboration tools for software development.
By mastering the planned curriculum, students acquire an understanding of core terms pertaining to the organization of contemporary microprocessor-based computer systems, the influence of that organization on the design and development of systems software, as well as obtaining familiarity with collaboration tools for software development. This knowledge is the foundation for recognizing, analyzing and solving practical problems of systems programming on contemporary computer systems.
Theoretical part: System and software categorization. Incongruity of performance progression of the central processing unit and working memory. Model of processor operation. Five-stage instruction pipeline. Anomalies in parallelizing instruction handling. Methods of improving processing resource utilization. Working memory organization. Caching. Virtual memory. Fundamentals of concurrent and parallel code execution. Fundamentals of virtualization. Practical part: collaboration using the GitHub and Slack services. Illustration of branch prediction. Illustration of the influence of caching. Analysis of processor reference documentation.
Verbal-textual method, illustrative-demonstrative method, cybernetic / problem method, practical computer work method.
S. ObradovićRačunari – arhitektura, hardver, sistemski softver2014Visoka škola elektrotehnike i računarstva strukovnih studijaSerbian language
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Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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Nejgebauer Ivan
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