Subject: Building Engineering 2 (06 - GG16)

Basic Information

Scientific or art field:Building Engineering - Construction and Architectural Constructions
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Department of Civil Engineering
Course specification

Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Acquiring basic knowledge in the field of building engineering, expanding functional elements of claddings, partitions, basic elements in building designs, and procedures for opening and closing building sites.
Acquired knowledge is a basis for attending and understanding professional courses (usage of project documentation, organization and building planning – construction and craftsmanship).
Elaboration of functional joints of claddings and partitions in roofs, body and basement. Functional elements in roofs, roof covers and roof terraces. Partitions in the body of the building, fixed partitions, walls and moveable partition windows and doors. Building protection problems in the substructure section (basement). Within the design, introduction to elements, content and elaboration of project documentation (all project phases included), types of insulation in building structures, procedure for obtaining permissions for building and adequate licences.
Teaching process is realized through lectures in the form of presentations and through graphic practice which students do individually during the classes assisted by the assistant. In practice classes, based on obtained information (from lectures and general introduction into practice), students solve the set tasks (graphic practice). Students are familiar with the content of the task, so they can prepare and bring literature which can be used during their work. All completed and positively graded tasks receive a certain number of points. The examination includes the entire course content from this semester and it is taken in written form. The examination grade is formed on the basis of lecture and practice attendance, points from graphic practice and written part of the examination.
M.Letić, J.DražićZgradarstvo2001Fakultet tehničkih naukaSerbian language
K. MartinkovićOsnovi zgradarstva 11985Izgradnja - FTNSerbian language
K. MartinkovićOsnovi zgradarstva 21987Izgradnja - FTNSerbian language
K. MartinkovićOsnovi zgradarstva 31988Izgradnja - FTNSerbian language
M.PetrovićArhitektonske konstrukcije 22006Orion ArtSerbian language
R.TrbojevićArhitektonske konstrukcije-masivni konstruktivni sklop2003Orion-art, BeogradSerbian language
P.KrstićArhitektonske konstrukcije 11963Naučna knjiga, BeogradSerbian language
P.KrstićArhitektonske konstrukcije 21983Naučna knjiga, BeogradSerbian language
S. IlićKlasični drveni krovovi2003Građevinska knjigaSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Complex exercisesYesYes40.00
Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes50.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Name and surnameForm of classes
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Dražić Jasmina

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Jakšić Željko
Assistant Professor

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Bibić Dragana

Practical classes
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Vujkov Aleksandra
Assistant - Master

Practical classes