Subject: Security and Safety Equipment for working (12 - ZR308A)

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Scientific or art field:Machine Tools, Flexible Technological Systems and Automatization Processes Design
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Course is active from 01.10.2012..

Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of public safety equipment for work. Training for making elaborate technical documentation with respect to meeting the security requirements of work equipment.
Knowledge about a new approach to safety of work equipment and the ability to produce technical documentation in accordance with the approach
Indicating the equipment to work. A new approach to safety equipment for working in-law of European directives, harmonized standards. Compliance with the requirements of European directives. General principles of construction from the security machinery. Dangers and hazards created by work equipment. Accommodation of equipment operating from the standpoint of some kind of danger. Types of propulsion energy, with the specificity of protection, disturbance, and the return of the missing energy. Equipment for automatic and manual operation. Apparatus for handling equipment for work. Protective devices and locking devices. Signaling devices and control instruments. Basis risk assessment work equipment. Way to reduce and manage the remaining risks can not be solved well known technical solutions. Certain specific types of hazards (dust, physical hazards, hazardous materials, low / high temterature, dangerous radiation, ...). Maintain and transport equipment t work.
Theoretical part of the material with appropriate practices, to facilitate the understanding and adoption records. On laboratory exercises practically apply their knowledge on the available laboratory equipment, and the computer exercises conducted on the use of information and communication technologies in gaining knowledge from the research filed.
Zeljković M, Borojev LJ, Vilotić D.Bezbednost mašina (skripta)2012FTN, U pripremiSerbian language
Borojev LJ, Zeljković M.Glavne karakteristike i struktura obradnih sistema2009FTN, u pripremi Serbian language
Vilotić D., Plančak M.Mašina za obradu deformisanjem – Krivajne prese2010FTN, Novi SadSerbian language
Kršljak B.Mašine i alati za obradu drveta I, II, III2002Uljarice publik, Beograd 2002Serbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Graphic paperYesYes20.00
Graphic paperYesYes20.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes30.00
Laboratory exercise attendanceYesYes3.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Computer exercise attendanceYesYes2.00
Oral part of the examNoYes20.00
Name and surnameForm of classes
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Zeljković Milan
Full Professor

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Živković Aleksandar
Full Professor

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Jovičić Goran

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