Subject: Safety at work in construction (17 - ZR302A)

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Scientific or art field:Tehnologija i organizacija građenja i menadžment
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Department of Civil Engineering
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Course is active from 01.10.2009..

Gaining knowledge on safety and health at work during realization of construction works of residential and industrial buildings, hydro-engineering, roads, railways, tunnels, etc.
Education for the planning and implementation of safety and health at work in construction of buildings and facilities for different purposes. Gained knowledge is directly applicable to engineering practice.
Introduction to construction industry. General about construction technology. Organization of construction works. Personal safety equipment of workers in the construction industry. Site organization and measures for safety and health at work. Site analysis in terms of health and safety at work as well as elements for Risk Assessment Act.
Lectures, practical exercises, design work and consultation. In lectures, theoretical part of the subject is performed in the form of presentation of individual units with appropriate methodological practices, to enable easier understanding and adoption of subject. In practical exercises theoretical knowledge from lectures is processed with more active student participation. In addition to lectures and exercises consultation are regularly held. Student, based on the obtained information (lectures, literature, consultations and general instructions at the beginning of exercise), solves the set of tasks in form of student work. Positively evaluated student work is a prerequisite for taking the exam. The exam covers the entire material exposed during the semester and is taken orally. Rating exam is based on attendance of lectures and exercises, reviews of the paper and an oral exam.
Mučenski, V.Teorijske osnove bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu u građevinarstvu2018Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Novi SadSerbian language
Peško, I.Tehnologija izvođenja grubih građevinskih radova2016Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Novi SadSerbian language
Goran Ćirović, Slavka Lazić VojinovićBezbednost i zaštita zdravlja na radu u građevinarstvu2009Visoka građevinsko-geodetska školaSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Graphic paperYesYes20.00
Coloquium examNoNo20.00
Coloquium examNoNo20.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Theoretical part of the examNoYes30.00
Practical part of the exam - tasksNoYes40.00
Name and surnameForm of classes
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Mučenski Vladimir
Full Professor

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Trivunić Milan
Full Professor

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Stanojević Dragana
Assistant - Master

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